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Welcome to Redovisningscentrum.

Our office is in Malmö, but we are happy to help you anywhere in Sweden, and soon in Scandinavia/Europe.

For customers anywhere.



We offer business services in accounting, debt collection, finance & law. Through our modern tools in the business, we can handle your ongoing accounting and finance. In a simple and easy way, we facilitate your administration. Our long experience is at your disposal when you need help – both with the simpler and with the more complex issues that can arise in a company.

We know from experience that accounting and auditing can be an expensive deal for companies in Sweden. Our prices are incredible !


Welcome to  a real center of  accounting!

Bokföring Malmö

At Redovisningscentrum we help you who want to create a business or financial association. We do that quickly, easily and cheaper than other suppliers. Click the button below to get to our order page where you can easily fill in your information and make an order to start a new business.


At tRedovisningscentrum you do not have to fill in many different forms that take time and energy completely unnecessarily. Just fill in a single form and we’ll take care of the rest for you. Easy!


Ready-made-start-up-business (Tax Agency-form), from 4 625 Swedish kr

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Redovisningscentrum KA AB.
Center for accounting, auditing and legal issues.